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Museum of Gardening

The Budding Foundation Museum of Gardening was set up by The Budding Foundation, a charity that supports young people, with the emphasis on helping those who have lacked support or opportunity at some stage in their lives. Their support is wide ranging, from school clubs and apprenticeships to working with disabled children. 

Clive Gravett founded this charity in 2013, his family having been closely involved with agriculture & horticulture. From an early age Clive took a keen interest in gardening and conservation, with knowledge and skills being passed down from his father, Denis, and grandfather Harry.

For several years he volunteered at local schools with projects/initiatives to promote conservation and gardening, including the design and construction of one of the first bottle greenhouses featured by the BBC in 2009, also winning a prestigious national sunflower growing competition organised by one of Alan Sugar's companies. His small group of children beat those from 800 other schools nationally.

During this period, Clive came into contact with many young people who lacked support and the finance to help them achieve their goals, so on his 60th birthday he asked his friends and relatives to donate to a potential charity fund, rather than buy him presents. His birthday celebration ‘CliveFest’, held at Shoreham Community Centre in July 2013, raised £700. Clive has a keen interest and is somewhat of an expert in Vintage Lawnmowers, so he decided to dedicate the charity to Edwin Beard Budding, a much underrated inventor and engineer who invented the lawnmower in 1830.

Budding the Inventor to help & inspire Budding Young People

The Budding Foundation was created and with hard work and more fundraising, the charity was formerly registered with the Charities Commission on 15th January 2014. Clive is the main driving force behind all fundraising, putting in considerable time and effort to raise funds and calling on friends for support as and when required. His work in horticulture is closely linked to the charity’s fund raising activities.

In 2015, Clive’s dream of setting up a museum became a reality and ‘The Budding Foundation Museum of Gardening’ opened in March 2016 at the South Downs Heritage Centre! It is very much a work in progress and will continue to be developed over the next 12 months. Please explore the Budding Foundation website for more information about the charity.


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